Marchmont is a residential neighbourhood located about a mile south of the Old Town. Named after Hume Campbell of Marchmont, whose daughter was married to Sir George Warrender. The neighbourhood around the University of Edinburgh has been increasingly popular with students over the years since it was originally created as a planned middle-class tenements suburb by Sir George Warrender. The availability of parks and the proximity to the city centre contribute to the area’s reputation as a pleasant and desirable place to live.

The Marchmont neighbourhood is fantastic because of how close it is to The Meadows. Runners, dog walkers, and families all frequent the wide grassy area. Arthur’s Seat, one of Edinburgh’s spectacular extinct volcanoes, may be seen in all its glory from the Meadows. During Cherry Blossom time, the park is at its most beautiful. The exact month of May that cherry blossoms are in bloom can vary. The pink blossoms of the trees lining the numerous paths are a sight to behold.

While Marchmont isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with locally owned boutiques, you can find a handful of truly exceptional establishments here and there. For instance, on Roseneath Street at number 6, you’ll find the Travelling Basket, which sells beautiful flowers and home decor. They’ve lately grown and now provide classes in which you can learn to make wreaths and candles.  In order to fund Amnesty International’s human rights advocacy, the proceeds from the Amnesty Bookshop (12 Roseneath Street) are donated to the organization. Lastly, if you’re looking for a wine, beer, or spirit, stop by Cork & Cask, located at 136 Marchmont Road.

In addition, you may do some thrift shopping at places like Save the Children (at 144 Marchmont Road) and Chest Heart and Stroke (at 6 Roseneath Street). Marchmont is conveniently positioned in the middle of the city and is close to several wonderful spots for boutique shopping. Bruntsfield is another great neighbourhood not far from Marchmont.

Doodles Ceramics at 29 Marchmont Crescent is the place to go if you’re seeking for an offbeat experience and a fantastic keepsake from your time in Edinburgh. It’s a great way to unwind in the afternoon, with the free hot beverage and the ability to buy some nibbles. There’s something for everyone, with most products costing between £10 and £20, making them ideal for both individuals and parties.

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