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A Boiler Service Is A Yearly Service That Can Help To Keep Your Boiler Working Properly.

Annual boiler servicing can really help you maintain your boiler so that you can have years of hassle-free heating and hot water.  Doing this simple task will save you hundreds, if not thousands in the long term in boiler repairs.

If you don’t do it, you might have to replace the entire boiler before too long, which could be very expensive.

Every year, it’s important to have your boiler serviced by a professional. This can help to keep your boiler working properly and save you the trouble of any major repairs.

Keep your boiler in good working health, with an annual boiler service. Smart Gas offers a competitive boiler service covering Edinburgh & The Central Belt.

What to expect from a boiler service.

Guide To Our Boiler Servicing:

  • Full boiler inspection to ensuring no defects and that your boiler is running to gas safety standards.

  • Boiler switched on to run through a diagnostic test of operation prior to carrying out work required.

  • Smart Gas will check all the essential boiler components such as injectors, burners, condensate, fans and heat exchangers.

  • Carry out a gas flue test.

  • We will note down readings with a gas flue analyser, to ensure the boiler is burning correctly.

  • Check the boilers Gas rate to make sure no extra gas than what’s required is being burnt.

  • Pressure tests between boiler and gas metering unit.

  • This is all finished off with the electronic servicing certificate.

How to tell my boiler requires a service?

  • The limited flow of hot water or not getting up to temperature.
  • Boiler overheating.
  • Boiler in need of regular refilling.
  • Unusual noises from my boiler.
  • Water pressure dropping in the boiler.
  • Noisy boiler pump.
  • Constantly having to reset the boiler.
  • Rust appearing on an older boiler.
  • The pilot light fails to ignite or keeps going out.
  • A visible yellow flame on the boiler.

Boiler Service FAQ's

What are the benefits of boiler service?

Having your boiler serviced once a year will ensure that your boiler is in the best condition possible, saving you money on heating fuel and decreasing your carbon footprint. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it will also make you less reliant on fossil fuels.

What are the costs for boiler service?

The cost of gas boiler servicing can vary depending on which company you go with. At the time of writing the typical charge for gas boiler servicing is £102 including VAT. During a gas boiler servicing, a specialist Gas Safe engineer will inspect the boiler and controls to check for functionality. They will also check for leaks to ensure the pressure is correct and test the flue in case of toxic fumes.

How do I get boiler service?

It’s very simple to arrange a boiler service from Smart Gas.  The quickest ways would be to message us or give us a call on 0131-629-3132.

We will endeavor to work around you so that it fits in with a time that suits you.

How long does it take to get boiler service?

Servicing a gas boiler takes approximately 60 minutes on average, but it could take longer depending on the make and model of the boiler and whether it’s a combi boiler.

What is a boiler service contract?

Boiler cover will, for a monthly or annual premium, cover the cost of servicing and repairing your boiler and heating system. An engineer will come to your door, fix the problem quickly and you don’t have to worry about any of the labour or parts.  This is actually the very best way to cover your boiler in case of breakdown.  The best thing is that an annual boiler service is included which covers the cost of that alone.

Check out the details below for more info on annual boiler service plans.

Get An Annual Boiler Service Included In Our Boiler Care Plans