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What Is A Magnetic Boiler Filter And How Does It Work?

Overtime wear and tear will cause corrosion in some form and will release small metal particles (magnetite) into the flow of your central heating system.

As you can appreciate, metal and water within any system will eventually lead to corrosion.  It’s primary aim is to ‘catch’ these fine metal particles in the filter so that the dreaded ‘sludge’ doesn’t form.

It does this by attracting the fine particles to a powerful magnet and holds them within a protected plastic casing that’s easily accessible.


Why Do I Need A Magnetic Boiler Filter ?

Simply put, a magnetic boiler filter can help to maintain your boiler’s efficiency and save you money on repairs.  It helps keep it running efficiently and will extend the lifespan of your central heating system.

Nowadays new boiler installations will often come with a pack that will include a magnetic filter.   It also worthy of note that choosing the manufacturers own brand can often extend the overall warranty.

Are Magnetic Boiler Filters Worth It Then?

If the central heating system is left without attention sludge will form, collecting in radiators which will inhibit circulation and heat output.  Not ideal for a heating system.

Worse than this though is if it gets into the boiler itself it can clog up the heat exchanger or central heating pump and cause a failure in the whole boiler system.

Just like in your car, there will be a variety of filters to protect the core of the vehicle (the engine).  It’s no different when it comes to a magnetic filter.  Would you spend thousands of pounds just to then save a couple of hundred on a filter that will help give you peace of mind for years to come?

How Much Does A Magnetic Filter Cost

Considering that a new boiler can go into the thousands, a magnetic filter is actually quite inexpensive.

Depending on the size of the pipework, 22mm filters come in under £100 with a 28mm being slightly more expensive.  

If you’re needing an engineer to fit the filter than you can expect to pay in the region of £200-£250 all in including labour.

If you’re in Edinburgh or the Lothians please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly Gas Engineers for more info or to arrange a quote.